Twisted into Fragments - EP

by Aberration

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Debut release for 2015 from Northbay Melodic Deathgrind outfit, Aberration


released July 10, 2015

Richard Brannock - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Luke Gladstein - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Jure Marovich - Bass
James Owen - Vocals
Ryan Wright - Drums



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Aberration Santa Rosa, California

Aberration is a 5 piece Melodic Metalgrind band, from Sonoma County.

Stay tuned!
Brutality ahead!!!

James Owen - Inharmonious Exhalations

Luke Gladstein - Perpetual Strums

Richard Brannock - Lead Finesse

Jure Marovich - Bodacious Low-Ends

Ryan Wright - Sporatic Palpatations
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Track Name: Engrossed
Like a wolf, I sink my teeth into your face,
designing you into my fall from grace.
Wretched, disturbed, engrossed, I am.
Until you drain of blood,
I stand with my knife.

With my knife and scalpel
Protruding bones start to tremble.
You know there's only one thing for you to do
Sit back, take dick, realize you're mine. (x2)
I want to see what you look like,
deep inside...

Ripping, tearing, violently screaming
this is why my eyes are bleeding (x2)


I want it all!
Brains, veins, intestines,
I want to see what you look like inside
Cut from, head to, fucking toe.

All this time, that we shred,
no it could never be.
For now you are dead,
deep inside of me.
Track Name: The Afterbath

Cover yourself again
in your gluttonous ways.
Feeding yourself
into your greasy escape,
and this is where you'll stay.

When you crawl in your bed (when you crawl)
I smells like piss.

Awake, to another day,
to do it all the same;
no bike, no bus, no train
the only way for you to get around is a...
gas guzzling machine

Sweat begins to build,
on your brow, your chin,
your rolls of fat.
You're disabled now

For you are
content in this world
filling yourself
with happy meals and guilt

It is not up to you
if you want to breathe
one single breath

Where is your god now?
The body you rely on
is now riddled with fear(x2)

You want to survive,
fate is not on your side
As you fall to your knees
trembled with fear
Trembled with fear! Oh yeah!

Putting you in a casket,
lowered you to the ground (x2)

You want to survive,
but fate is not on your side.
It has your body, deciding...

It has your body
deciding to shut down
you lost your will to survive
yeah, your will to survive

Arteries, have, clogged, completely
darkness is all you see,
It's hard to breathe
There's no more oxygen
It's hard to breathe
Track Name: Whatcha Doin' Later?
Tonight, you shall feel my wrath
I won't stop until my lungs collapse.
Ripping, tearing, violently screaming (x2)
This is why your eyes are bleeding

The things you did and
the things you said,
won't ever compare to the torture
I leave you in

These constant screams in my head
will be put to rest

With every lash
I send to yours,
The sands of time are so
very precious

This is why you're in agony
Screaming, panting
Saying that you still love me
But your love was just a device,
possessed by the fire that burns
deep inside of me

This is why you're in agony!
Saying that you still love me.

I'll tear your eyes out, replace them with two IV's
I'll tear your eyes out,
replace the two sockets with IV's
fill them with bleach. (x2)
Track Name: Twisted Into Fragments
Beams of light pierce your eyes,
the dark holes that remain, covered with maggots and flies
Here you will rot, no remorse or burial.
No prayer for you, the only way to do this is improperly.
Because you must decompose, internally.
Sifting through skulls, the time you waste is so very dear.
Your death is within- steps behind you,
it is pouncing ever so near.

The cracks of day so far away
Darkness encloses your thoughts and you pray. (Pray, pray!!)
For your sins, you, will, pay.
For your sins you will pay.
Reflective afterlife whisks you away.
Your soul screams as they take you to the void.
The void of endless horror, and filth.
Track Name: Left To Rot
Life forms from deep inside of time
have made their ay back to present.
No remorse for human life.
Resources are precious now!
We have killed off everything
No running or hiding
They have all power.
Mountains now crumble to dust.

They are high above the atmosphere (x2)

Waiting patiently,
for reserves to fill
Taking back what is theirs.

We all play a part in this game (x2)

Here, on this planet
on this planet
The oceans we had, now are dry.(x2)
We are worthless!
Slip to unconsciousness
There is no way out!
No way out.
We will all rot as one.